Difference Between Nayanars and Alvars

The Nayanars and Alvars were the Tamil poet-saints who played a key role in propagating the Bhakti Movement in Southern India during the 5th-10th Centuries.

The Nayanars were a group of 63 saints devoted to Lord Shiva who lived during the 6th to 8th centuries CE.

The Alwars were Tamil poet-saints of South India who espoused devotion to the Lord Vishnu or his avatar Lord Krishna in their songs of longing, and service.

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Difference Between Nayanars and Alvars - UPSC History

This article will further highlight the difference between the Nayanars and Alwars for the IAS Exam

The differences between Naynars and Alvars are given in the table below:                                                            

Differences between Nayanars and Alvars



Nayanars were devoted to Lord Shiva and his avatars Alvars were devoted to Lord Vishnu and his avatars
Nayanars were active around the 6th-8th Century AD Although modern scholars consider the Alvars to be active between the 5th and 10th Century AD, they are believed to have lived between 4200 BCE – 2700 BCE
The high priest of Raja Raja Chola I, Nambiyandar Nambi, compiled the hymns into a series of volumes called the Tirumurai. The hymns of the Alvars were made into a consolidated volume known as Divya Prabandha.
The Nayanars were from various backgrounds, including Brahmins, Harijan, and nobles. Along with the twelve Vaishnava Alvars, they are regarded as the important Hindu saints from South India. The Bhakti literature that sprang from Alvars had contributed to the establishment and sustenance of a culture that broke away from the ritual-oriented Vedic religion and rooted itself in devotion as the only path for salvation
  • Tiru Neelakanta
  • Meiporul
  • Viralminda
  • Amaraneedi
  • Eripatha
  • Yenathinathar
  • Sri Andal
  • Thirumazhisai Alvar
  • Thiruppaan Alvar
  • Nammalwar
  • Kulasekara Alwar

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