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Difference between Sociology and Psychology

Difference between Sociology and Psychology is explained here in detail. Psychology is the science of behaviour and mind. Psychology includes the study of conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as feeling and thought. Sociology covers everything from how strangers passing one another on the street interact to how global conflict plays out. The difference between Sociology vs Psychology elaborated in this article can help the UPSC Civil Service exam aspirants to understand the basics better and know their comparisons thoroughly.

Difference between Sociology and Psychology

The major differences between Sociology and Psychology are:

Sociology Psychology
Sociology deals with society. Psychology deals with individuals.
Sociology deals with social behaviour Psychology deals with individual behaviour
Sociology measures, observes, analyses organisations, social institutions, groups  Psychology measures observe and analyses human behaviour
Sociology fosters communication skills, analytical and critical thinking. Psychology handles the emotional, cognitive and social aspects of individuals.
Sociology examines the society’s religion, social class, gender etc. Psychology examines the intelligence, anger, grief of an individual etc.
Sociology can help a person build a career in human resources, social research and justice-related analysis. Learning psychology can help to build a career in criminal justice, public administration and social services, forensics, clinical psychology, marriage counselling, solving problems associated with addiction and substance abuse etc.
Sociology helps one to see the world through the prism of different communities and cultures Psychology helps one to see the world through the lens of different individuals having different behaviours.

These are the main differences between Sociology and Psychology. The differences given in the above table can help the UPSC Civil Service Exam aspirants to answer any related questions easily in the exams.

After learning about the Sociology and Psychology difference, it is better to know the strategies that can be implemented for the Sociology Optional Exam, also learn the Syllabus and Booklist for Sociology Optional. Moreover, learn about the strategy that can be used for Psychology optional including the syllabus and best books that can be used while preparing for Psychology optional in the UPSC Civil Service exam. Visit the below-given links to learn about the Strategy for Sociology and Psychology Optional subjects, syllabus and booklist for UPSC Civil Service exam in detail along with other information.

Difference between Sociology and Psychology – UPSC Notes:- Download PDF Here

The above details would help candidates prepare for UPSC 2023.

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