Important Personalities in Russian Revolution

The Russian revolution is regarded as the turning point in the history of the world. During the period of the Tsar of Romanov, the political, social and economic conditions declined in Russia. The Romanov dynasty spread in an enormous area. The population faced major inequalities during his times.  The social conditions in his period were extremely unequal. Life of the common people became miserable due to serfdom and feudalism. The industrial development in Russia was not so good compared to the other European nations. Russian industries were in the hands of the capitalists and they took advantage of the workers.

It was difficult to deliver quality products as they were not using advanced technology. As an outcome, the economic conditions of Russia started to decline. In the middle of the 19th century, revolutionary thoughts spread in Russia. Here we are giving the important personalities of the Russian Revolution.

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Important Personalities of the Russian Revolution

The personalities of the Russian Revolution are listed below:

Vladimir Lenin

  • He founded the Communist Party in Russia.
  • He is the one who set up the world’s first Communist Party dictatorship.
  • He led the October Revolution of 1917.
  • In the Revolution, the Communists (Bolsheviks) captured power in Russia.
  • Later he ruled the country until his death in 1924.

Joseph Stalin

  • Russian leader who succeeded Lenin.
  • He headed the Communist Party after the death of Lenin.
  • He established a totalitarian state by abolishing all opposition.

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  • Prussian-born philosopher, sociologist, economist, and revolutionary socialist.
  • He wrote the Communist Manifesto.
  • He was regarded as the Father of Communism.

 Nicholas II

  • Last Tsar of Russia.
  • He went to the front lines in World War I to try to rally the troops but was forced to renounce the throne due to his incompetence both during the war and his poor administration during the war. Nicholas’s abdication created a power vacuum where communists and anti-communists fought for control of Russia

Grigori Rasputin

  • He was a Russian spiritual and self-proclaimed holy man.
  • He befriended Tsar Nicholas II’s family and gained substantial influence in late imperial Russia.
  • Rasputin’s involvement in Russian politics ensured that the Bolsheviks would garner popular support.

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