Difference Between Strategy and Tactics

You must have heard the terms Strategy and Tactics is often in tandem with each other during your IAS Exam preparation. 

The Great Chinese General Sun Tzu described the relation between strategy and tactics in the following manner: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy are the noise before defeat”.

Difference Between Strategy and Tactics - UPSC 2020

Regardless of the interdependence of each other, there are fundamental differences between strategy and tactics.

What those differences are will be further highlighted in this article.                                                                                                                                                        

Differences between Strategy and Tactics



Strategy defines a person’s long-term goals and the steps needed to be taken to achieve them Tactics are much more solid and are often oriented towards smaller procedures with a short time window
Strategists are Individuals who are in charge of resources in the organization. Strategists have a thorough knowledge of how a set of tactics work together in order to achieve pre-determined targets. Tacticians are specialists in their respective domains that employ resources into processes that will achieve a specified number of goals.
A Strategy is responsible for the overall health of the organization Tactics are responsible for the resources allocated
Duration of a strategy is long term and is inflexible in change. The duration of tactics is short term and changes according to specific conditions
The ultimate outcome of a strategy is that it produces clear organizational goals, plans and key performance measurements. The successful outcome of a tactic is clear outputs using, people, tools and time

Now that you have learnt the differences between Strategy and Tactics, you can prepare better for the UPSC IAS Exams. To further aid you in your preparation, referring to the links given below will be of immense help:

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