7 Mantras for success in UPSC IAS Exam

Every year lakhs of students appear in the Civil Services exam but only about a thousand clear it. The success rate is very low. The exam is conducted in three stages- IAS Prelims, Mains and interview. If you have our 7 mantras, you can certainly crack this examination.

These mantras are derived from the wise words of successful candidates. This will help you to crack the IAS Exam easily.

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Aspirants need to have the thirst of becoming an IAS officer. They should not only dream, they have to work really hard to accomplish their goal.


The first and foremost thing is knowing all about IAS Exam. An aspirant should know about UPSC  syllabus, UPSC IAS Exam pattern, important dates for IAS Exam, the structure and nature of exam etc. Before you start your journey, all these things should be clear to you properly.

Once you know about the exam plot the strategies. You should think about which way will work best for you rather than simply imitating any other person. One should start reading an English newspaper on a daily basis. One should also note down important points and make notes.

Collecting basic and essential books IAS should be your next step. One should choose very limited but relevant sources for UPSC IAS Examination. It is highly recommended to read NCERT books. The NCERT books will give you a basic conceptual idea in subjects like Polity, economy, history and geography. For UPSC Mains, you should go for relevant books that give you a proper analysis of the topics.

It is good to have a proper and meticulously designed study plan. Aspirants should make a proper study plan by allotting time for studying, physical and mental rejuvenation. They should take short breaks after long hours of study.

It is essential to join a mock test series before UPSC Prelims and Mains exam. This will enhance your preparation and help you to gain new knowledge. The time-based exam will help you to manage the time and assess yourself. Along with that one should start solving previous year question papers and should practice answer writing for the Mains exam. All this helps in realizing one’s weaknesses and one can work on it.


There will be lots of inveiglement to give up the journey, as you go through the preparation. This is mainly due to the vast syllabus and agglomerating pressure. But you know that you have to keep patience. Aspirants have to be brave and face all challenges with valour. Organize your UPSC IAS Exam preparation on the above mantras. Stay determined to achieve your goal and success will be with you.

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