What is Deforestation?

Human-caused or natural causes which lead to the cutting down of trees and reduced forest areas is called deforestation. Generally, it is the human activities of urbanisation, construction etc., which have been the major cause of deforestation across the world. 

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Causes of Deforestation

Given below are the major causes of deforestation:

  • Commercial or Industrial Agriculture
  • Construction of new buildings, roads, and other infrastructural facilities
  • Increased Population 
  • Mining is another important factor for the increased cutting down of trees and forest areas
  • The change in climate is one of the main natural causes which has resulted in loss of forests
  • Natural calamities
  • Unsustainable forest management

Effects of Deforestation

Deforestation has impacted the environment and livelihood of many. Discussed below are a few of the main effects of deforestation:

  • Loss of habitat for various animal and plant species
  • Environmental Disbalance is another side effect of deforestation. Due to the absence of an ample number of trees and forest areas across the globe, the environment and the atmosphere is facing severe climatic changes
  • A lot of people rely on forests for their livelihood. These people are adversely affected due to deforestation
  • It degrades the quality of soil
  • The water cycle gets disturbed
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Measures to Curb Deforestation

There are certain measures which can be adapted by people in their day to day lives to reduce this loss of trees and forests. Given below are the same:

  • Plant a tree whenever and wherever possible
  • Rely on the concept of reducing, reusing and recycling
  • Try reducing the use of paper since it is obtained through a tree
  • Spread awareness about the importance of afforestation
  • Promote products which ensure reduced or no deforestation

Sample Question on Deforstation

Deforestation is the process in which large areas of forest lands are cleared for various human activities. Deforestation has many negative effects on our environment, like loss of habitat for animals and climate change. The process of deforestation is mainly carried out for monetary gains. Approximately 18 million acres of forests are cleared each year for various uses causing huge loss to our environment. The current issue of global warming is majorly related to deforestation. Consider the following statements:

  1. Deforestation has advantageous to the environment.
  2. Deforestation is a natural process.

Which of the following statements are correct:

a) 1 only

b) 2 only

c) Both 1 and 2

d) None of the above

Answer: d

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Frequently Asked Questions on Deforestation


Q 1. What are the main causes of deforestation?

Ans. The main causes of deforestation are as follows:

Q 2. How does deforestation impact the environment?

Ans. Deforestation has massively impacted the climate and atmosphere. It has also led to desertification and soil erosion, resulted in the increase of greenhouse gases and has become a threat to wildlife and animal habitats.
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