Topic of the Day - India Hypertension Management Initiative

UPSC Exam Preparation: Topic of the Day – India Hypertension Management Initiative

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), State Governments, World Health Organization (WHO), and Resolve to Save Lives initiative of Vital Strategies, in a collaborative effort, launched India Hypertension Management Initiative (IHMI).

It was in September 2017 that the India Hypertension Management Project was launched with an aim to reduce disability and death related to cardiovascular disease (CVD). It is important for candidates preparing for the upcoming IAS Exam.

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About India Hypertension Management Initiative

  • The IHMI lays its focus on 5 essential components of scalable treatment
  • IHMI will support the adoption of standardized simplified treatment plans for managing high blood pressure and hypertension,
  • It ensures regular and uninterrupted supply of quality-assured medications, task sharing so health workers who are accessible to patients can distribute medications already prescribed by the medical officer
  • IMHI will ensure that patient-centered services that reduce the barriers to treatment adherence will be made available.
  • It will focus on strengthening hypertension management and monitoring at the primary health care level, within the existing healthcare system, and is aligned with WHO’s Global HEARTS Initiative and National Guidelines.

Healthcare industry in India comprises hospitals, medical tourism, health insurance, medical equipment, telemedicine, outsourcing, clinical trials, medical devices. To know in detail about the Healthcare Sector in India, UPSC aspirants can visit the linked article.

Goals of India Hypertension Management Initiative

The aim of IHMI is to reduce cardiovascular diseases related disability and death by eliminating leading risk factors causing CVDs among the adults in India. It includes improving the control of high blood pressure, hypertension by controlling the salt intake.

The project has a primary goal of reducing mortality and morbidity due to CVDS which is known to be a leading cause for death in India. It is estimated that by improving the control of high blood pressure, CVD related deaths can be significantly reduced.

Though 200 million adults in India have high blood pressure, yet control rates for the condition remains low. Studies suggest that in rural areas in India, only one quarter of people with hypertension are aware of their condition and only around 10 percent have their blood pressure tested and controlled. While in the urban areas, around 40 percent of people with hypertension are aware of their condition, and only around 20 percent have their blood pressure tested and controlled.

Another important Healthcare scheme is the health protection scheme, also known as the Ayushman Bharat is aimed at providing health coverage for secondary and tertiary hospitalisation. Visit the Health Protection Scheme page for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions about India Hypertension Control Initiative (IHCI)

What is the India Hypertension Control Initiative?

The India Hypertension Control Initiative (IHCI) is a multi-partner initiative, implementing and scaling up a public health hypertension control program across India.

What is the aim of the IHCI?

The India Hypertension Control Initiative (IHCI), a multi-partner initiative, aims to strengthen the Government of India’s program by strengthening the management of diagnosed hypertension in primary health care settings. It adapts the World Health Organisation (WHO) HEARTS technical package strategies to improve India’s hypertension management and control.

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