Is There Any Medical Test in UPSC?

The interview/Personality tests are held in the Union Public Service Commission at Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road, New Delhi. After the interview, the medical examination is held in the allotted Government Hospitals. Before going for the medical examination, candidates have to follow some instructions.

Aspirants would find this topic very helpful in the IAS Exam.

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What are the Medical Instructions that need to be followed for UPSC?

  1. On the day of medical, the candidate should come fasting for 10 hours or more.
  2. Candidates are not supposed to take any medicine on the day of Medical Examination.
  3. If the candidates are using spectacles, he should carry the same along with the prescription.
  4. If the candidates are using the Contact Lenses then they should stop using the lenses at least 48 hours before the medical examination.
  5. If the candidate is using hearing Aid, he should bring the same along with its recent audiometry report.
  6. The candidate belonging to the Physically Handicapped (PH) category is supposed to bring appliances used by him/her for his/her disability.
  7. If the candidate is taking medicine on a regular basis he/ she should bring them along with a prescription.
  8. If the candidate has undergone any surgical procedure he/she should bring the records.
  9. If any candidate should bring the Disability Certificate, issued to him/her by any Disability Medical Board.
  10. Candidates should bring the relevant medical record if they would like to bring to the notice of the Central Standing Medical Board.
  11. The candidate must sign the Declaration appended and will be required to make a statement as per format is given at Paragraph 21 prior to his/her Medical Examination.

What are the Physical Fitness Requirements for Clearing the IAS Exam?

Men need to have a minimum height of 165 cm. Women need to have a minimum height of 150 cm. There will be a relaxation of 5 cm for the heights of men and women in case they belong to ST category, Assamese, Garhwalis, Nagaland Tribals, Kumaonis.

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Are Tattoos allowed for UPSC?

There is no specific rule as such which prohibits tattoos, but it is advisable to avoid them since it may not paint the right picture of professionalism with an interview board who will have many years of experience working for the Government.

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