While all are awaiting what the Union Budget has in store for them and every sector but not to deny the real action lies ultimately in, the
Excerpts of new shifts in India’s space activities in satellite and launcher areas by A.S. Kiran Kumar, Secretary, Department of Space and
The election on Sunday won all 30 parliamentary seats to the reformist allies of Hassan Rouhani in the Iranian Capital that gave a major boost to
The government has drafted a Bill, which seeks to decriminalize beggary and offer a life of dignity to the beggars, homeless and others who live
The Controller General of Accounts has asked the government to be cautious while adopting the accrual method of accounting considering the costs
Table of Contents: A. GS1 Related: B. GS2 Related: 1. Centre drafts Bill to decriminalise beggary 2. Hassan Rouhani’s allies make stunning gains

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