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In this segment, you can read about the various inspirational stories of candidates who took on the UPSC civil services exam and tasted success. Here is a motley mix of stories of people from various backgrounds and classes, united only by the IAS dream. Reading the IAS toppers success stories will only leave you motivated and yearning for success!

The UPSC Civil Services Examination is one of the most popular government examinations in the country. It is the most sought after career option
Many candidates take the UPSC civil services exam in one of the many Indian languages. The UPSC allows candidates to take up the exam in one of
The UPSC civil services results bring to the fore many inspiring stories of people who strive hard with dedication and determination and strike
A look at the profiles of the toppers of the 2017 UPSC civil services exam reveals the diverse backgrounds of the selected candidates. Hailing
The UPSC 2017 results have given a lot of inspirational stories for UPSC aspirants to take a cue from and renew their own IAS preparation for the
The UPSC civil services results bring to light many inspiring stories of success which confirm to the world that hard work coupled with a dogged

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