Digital Locker

Concept:  Digital Locker
Topic: Governance
Category: e-governance
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Digital Locker

Digital locker is a topic that is important from both the governance and the science and tech point of view. It is a part of the governmental schemes section in the UPSC syllabus. It also comes under the latest science and technology segment. 

Digital Locker is a service launched by the Indian government in February 2015. This service offers a safe and exclusive personal electronic storage space for resident citizens of India to store documents. The maximum storage space is 10 MB. It is linked to the Aadhaar number of user. This digital space can be utilized for storing personal documents such as university certificates, PAN cards, voter IDs, the URIs of the e-documents issued by various departments. There is also a related facility for e-signing of documents. The objective of the service is to decrease the use of physical documents and also to offer authenticity to e-documents. This service also provides a secure access to documents issued by the government. It also aims to deflate the expenses on the administrative front of the various governmental departments. 

Digital Locker is one of the major initiatives under the Digital India Programme of the Government of India, and was released by the Electronics and Information Technology Department of the Indian Government.


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