Defence Testing Infrastructure Scheme (DTIS)

The Government of India under the Ministry of Defence launched the Defence Testing Infrastructure Scheme with an aim to boost domestic defence and aerospace manufacturing in the country. 

Given below are a few of the important points about DTIS:

Name of the Scheme Defence Testing Infrastructure Scheme
Nodal Ministry Ministry of Defence (MOD)
Launch Date May 8, 2020
Duration of Scheme 5 years
Objectives Development of defence manufacturing in India

In this article, we shall discuss the objectives, funding, and significance of this scheme, important from the perspective of the IAS Exam and other government examinations conducted in the country. 

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Defence Testing Infrastructure Scheme – Key Aspects

  • The objective of the Scheme – 
    • Its main objective is to promote indigenous defence production, with a special focus on the participation of MSMEs and Start-Ups by bridging gaps in defence testing infrastructure in the country
    • This development of a manufacturing base of the Defence and Aerospace sector will also reduce dependence on imports and is a high priority task under the country’s Make in India campaign
    • Another objective of the scheme is that it aims at setting up 6-8 Greenfield Defence Testing Infrastructure facilities
  • Funding and Finance – 
    • An outlay of Rs 400 crore has been announced by the government for creating state of the art testing infrastructure during the five years of the scheme
    • The Defence Testing Infrastructure (DTI) will be provided with 75% government funding and the remaining 25% shall be borne by the implementation agencies (Special Purpose Vehicles – Under Companies Act 2013), the state government or Indian private entities
    • Government funding will be given in the form of ‘Grand-In Aid’ and it cannot exceed 75% of the total cost. Whereas for implementation agencies, the share cannot exceed 40%.
  • Need for DTIS – 
    • India lacks easily accessible state-of-the-art testing infrastructure and through this scheme, the same can be achieved
    • The Scheme would provide financial assistance to the private sector for setting up Testing and Certification facilities for manufacturers of defence equipment/systems
  • Other Related Facts – 
    • The government has also announced the establishment of Defence Industrial Corridors (DICs) in Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu under this scheme
    • Each DTI will be set up through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) 
    • The Implementation Agency under the Scheme shall be a Section 8 company registered under the Companies Act, 2013
    • A DTI Screening Committee (DTISC) will be established for approval of the projects, and it will be the final authority to take a decision on the proposals submitted by the Implementation Agency
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The Way Forward

Defence forms the backbone of the security of the country. Thus, development in the field of defence facilities is an integral part of nation-building. In the past few years, with the appointment of the first-ever Chief of Defence Staff in 2020, followed by the 20 defence reforms formulated by the MOD, are all contributions being made for the growth of the nation. 

With the implementation of the Defence Testing Infrastructure Scheme, the government wants to set its feet in the manufacturing and producing sector of defence facilities to make the country independent, also reduce its dependency on imports. This scheme also brings forth the Prime Minister’s campaign of creating an Atmanirbhar Bharat

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