ICSE Sample Paper Class 6 Maths


CISCE is responsible conducting examination for ICSE as well as ISC examination for classes 10th and 12th respectively. Class 6th is considered to be the foundational class as various topics are introduced in this session. It is important for the students to have a good knowledge of the various concepts taught in this standard as various topics are broden in higher standards. One of the most crucial subject which students feel to be the toughest is the Maths subject.

One cannot be dextrous in the subject without having good practice of questions. As the subject requires understanding which comes with practice, we at BYJU’S provide students of class 6 of ICSE boards with sample paper. Practicing these sample paper would be beneficial for the students to have a better understanding of various topics, as different types of questions are discussed in these sample papers. Also, students will be familiar about the pattern of examination, marking scheme, questions that are framed in an examination as well as help them in solving the questions with high accuracy.

Student can download the sample paper for class 6th Maths for ICSE board available in the pdf form by following the link given below.


Practise This Question

While playing, Akriti has spread few colours randomly on one-half of a paper and then she pressed the other half against it so as to get its impression on it. The figure obtained would be ______.