Difference Between Application Software and System Software

One may consider the difference between the system software and the application software to be minor. But these two types of software are completely different from each other. Their functioning, purpose and design are all dissimilar with regard to each other. 

A System Software acts as an interface between the system and the application software. The various Operating systems are the best example as it allows the user to download and work with various applications on their device.

On the other hand, Application Software is designed for users. The applications can be added to system software. For example, Notepad is an application of MS Windows, which is system software.

In this article, we have given a tabulated comparison between the two types of software for Government exam aspirants. 

Application Software vs System Software - Difference Between Application Software and System Software

The comparative analysis between the two types of software will also help IAS exam aspirants with their exam preparation.

Difference Between System Software and Application Software PDF:-Download PDF Here

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System Software vs Application Software – Comparative Analysis

As discussed earlier, there are various points of difference between a system and application software. The same has been given in a tabulated manner below for an easy and better understanding of the two. 

Difference Between System Software and Application Software
System Software Application Software
This acts as an interface between the system and the applications This is designed directly from the user perspective
It is the platform that allows the various application software to run on the system These are independent applications which can be download and installed in the system
System Software is generally developed in low-level languages. This is so that the interaction between the software and hardware can be simplified and made more compatible Each application has a specific purpose and thus is developed with high-level languages so that the purpose can be fulfilled
Is working is more automated. Once a system is turned on, the system software starts working User action is required to start application software. These applications can only be work when the user commands the system to do so
These are responsible for the working of the system They have minimum involvement in the processing and functioning of the computer device
The system software are installed at the time of installing the operating system. A computer device cannot work without its presence The application software can be installed as and when the user requires them
It is an independent software. Once this is installed the computer will work This is a dependent software. Applications can only be downloaded when the operating system is installed
Since a device cannot work without a system software, the user has to have it installed in their devices These are designed to be user interactive, thus the application software can be removed as and when required by the user
Example for System Software includes Android, Mac Operating system, MS Windows, etc. Examples of Application Software includes Word Processor, games, media player, etc.

The above-mentioned differences clarify the fact that one software is pre-installed while the other can be installed as per the user requirements. 

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Difference Between System Software and Application Software PDF:-Download PDF Here

Frequently Asked Questions on Difference Between Application and System Software


Q 1. What is the key difference between Application Software and System Software?

Ans. The system software is used for operating computer hardware. On the other hand Application software are installed according to user’s requirements.

Q 2. Is system software and application software interdependent?

Ans. System software programs work on its own while application software is dependent on it. System software programs run in the background, while application software interacts with users.

Q 3. What are the functions of Application Software?

Ans. Given below are the functions of Application software:

  • managing information
  • manipulating data
  • constructing visuals
  • coordinating resources
  • calculating figures

Q 4. What are the functions of System Software?

Ans. Given below are the functions of System Software:

  • Memory Management
  • Loading and Execution
  • Disk Management
  • Device Controlling

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