Key Differences Between Notepad and Wordpad

There is a marginal difference between Notepad and Wordpad. Although, by name, the two might seem similar but are different from each other. Both these programs are included in Microsoft Windows.

In this article, we bring to you a comparison between the differences between a Wordpad and a Notepad. This shall not only provide a general difference between the two and also, be helpful for competitive exam aspirants. 

Notepad is a basic text-editing program that enables computer users to create documents. Whereas, WordPad is a program that you can use to create documents such as letters, notes, etc. with better formatting features. 

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Difference Between Notepad and Wordpad PDF:-Download PDF Here

Difference Between Notepad and WordPad

Notepad vs Wordpad – Comparison Between Notepad and Wordpad

Notepad vs Wordpad – Comparative Analysis

Both Notepad and Wordpad were developed by Microsoft. A tabulated difference between notepad and Wordpad has been given below. This will give a clearer explanation as to how these two programs are different from each other. 

Difference Between Notepad and Wordpad 
Notepad WordPad
Definition: Notepad is a simple text editor for Microsoft Windows and a basic text-editing program which enables computer users to create documents. Definition: WordPad is the basic word processor using which we can format and print text.
It was launched by Microsoft in the year 1983 It was launched by Microsoft along with Windows 95
No formatting related to the text can be done. Focus is completely on creating text files with minimum formatting features Formatting options like bold, italics, font style and size, etc. are available
It is a better choice for creating webpages. It can only save .txt files Files can be saved in the form of basic documents (.txt) and rich text documents (.rtf)
Minimalistic in terms of formatting the text An unformatted file can be formatted using Wordpad
Images or graphics cannot be added in Notepad Images can be added in Wordpad
Visually, a Notepad has only 5 options. This includes File, Edit, View, Format and Help More options are visually available in a Wordpad
.rtf Wordpad files cannot be opened with Notepad Any Notepad file (.txt) can be opened with Wordpad

The above-mentioned differences between Wordpad and Notepad imply that although both are used for working on text files, Notepad provides less formatting options in comparison to Wordpad.

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Difference Between Notepad and Wordpad PDF:-Download PDF Here

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FAQ about Notepad and WordPad


What are the advantages and disadvantages of using WordPad?

Advantages – easy to use, low system-resource usage, speed. WordPad is well suited for taking notes, writing letters and stories, or for usage in various tablets, PCs, and smartphones. Disadvantages -WordPad is not a word processor and still lacks facilities like spell checker, grammar analysis function and does not support footnotes or endnotes. It is also a poor choice for editing HTML or working with configuration files, because it causes program errors or display issues on web pages.

Is WordPad better than Notepad?

WordPad is a word processing application that is more capable than a text editor like Notepad, and also has been around for many years (since Windows 95).

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