ICSE Previous Year Paper For Class 8 Maths


ICSE class 8 is very much important for a student, as lots of new chapters are introduced in the class 8 mathematics. Understanding these topics is very much important to understand the higher level concepts in class 9th.

To score good marks in class 8th mathematics examination it is recommended to solve previous year question papers of class 8 mathematics, solving previous year question papers will help you to get acquainted with the latest exam pattern, marks distribution, etc.

It is advised to prepare an exam preparation schedule so that during your preparation you don’t miss a single chapter or a topic. While preparing your exam preparation schedule make sure that you assign some time every day for solving previous year question papers.

Solving them on a regular basis will help you to build confidence among yourself, which is necessary to score good marks in the examination.

Download and solve ICSE previous year paper for class 8 maths:


Practise This Question

A quadrilateral has two of its angles as 30 and 40.What type of quadrilateral can it be?