Class 10 ICSE Solutions Chapter 9 Endocrine Glands The Producers Of Chemical Messengers

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Two types of glands present in the human body are exocrine glands and endocrine glands. Examples of exocrine glands are liver, salivary glands, etc. The ductless glands which help in the secretion of hormones are called endocrine glands. Examples of the endocrine glands are the adrenal gland, thyroid gland, etc. Hormones are also called chemical messengers. Some properties of hormones:

  • They are proteinaceous in nature
  • They are needed in very small quantities and are specific in function
  • They act as chemical messengers

Below are the glands and the type of hormone they secrete:

Thyroid gland – Thyroxin hormone

Adrenal medulla gland – Adrenaline hormone

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Which one is Nearsightedness?

A. Myopia

B. Hypermetropia

C. Astigmatism

D. None of these