Bombay Court Rejected The Plea Said No Average Of 6 Formula For ICSE Students

Bombay Court Rejected The Plea Said No Average Of 6 Formula For ICSE Students

The Bombay High Court dismissed the plea of an ICSE student filed by his father, a Jalgaon based advocated for taking into account average of his six subjects in Standard X for FYJC admissions so that he could make the cut-off at St. Xavier’s.

A division bench of Justice Satyaranjan Dharmadhikari and Justice Gautam Patel said that the average of all subjects principle was never applied to students who took only six subjects. The bench observed the petition was “but an attempt to re-write the entire edifice of the law from (Supreme Court judgment) in 2010 onwards. The judges said that at no point since then was there ever an option of the average of six subjects as being an option for ICSE students.

The court further added that the students could either opt for Best of Five or average of seven subjects. For students, who knowingly took six subjects when they had the option of taking a seventh for those there would be no further relaxation. As per the norms set by the ICSE Board, an ICSE student has to take 3 compulsory subjects in Group I, 2 or 3 in Group II and 1 from Group III. They have the choice to opt for marks of either ‘Best of Five’ or average of seven subjects for admissions to FYJC.

The son of the petitioner appeared for 6 subjects — 3 from Group I, 2 from Group II and 1 from Group III. His marks in ‘Best of 5’ came to 94%. His father claimed if average of six subjects is considered, he will get an additional 1% which will allow him to make it to the arts stream in St Xavier’s.

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