ICSE Migration Certificate

Migration Certificate is a document issued by the concerned University or Board in which one studies. It helps in getting admission to another institution or any education board and it is issued at the completion of the course along with other necessary documents. Only your education board has the authority to issue it. ICSE Migration Certificates are directly issued by the concerned schools from where the candidate has been entered for the ICSE Examination. Candidates may get in touch with the concerned Head of their school for the ICSE Migration Certificate.

Steps To Apply for ICSE Migration Certificate

In the below-mentioned points, we have provided information regarding ICSE Migration Certificate and how it is processed along with the fee required to obtain it.

The Office of the Council has decentralised the issue of Migration Certificates in order to facilitate their availability to candidates.

1. In this connection, Heads of schools may place a bulk order of their requirement of ICSE Migration Certificates for candidates who pass the ICSE Examination and propose to seek admission in other educational institutions.

2. The charge for a Migration Certificate is Rs. 150/-. The total amount for the Migration Certificates required by a school should be remitted online to the Council. Upon receipt of the payment, the Migration Certificates will be despatched by Registered Post from the Council’s Kolkata office to the Heads of Schools.

3. The ICSE Migration Certificates are to be kept in a secure place directly under the charge of the Head of the School.

4. The Heads of Schools are to ensure that the following precautions are taken while processing the issue of ICSE Migration Certificate.

  1. Migration Certificates are issued only to successful (Pass Certificate Awarded) candidates.
  2. A register, recording the numbers on the Migration Certificates issued to candidates, is maintained.
  3. The Migration Certificate is countersigned by the Head of the School indicating the name of the candidate and the school, along with the candidate’s UID Number.

5. The Migration Certificates in stock may be carried forward to subsequent examinations.

6. All Heads are requested to kindly cooperate with the Council to ensure that the candidates are not inconvenienced due to a delay in the processing of Migration Certificates.

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