ICSE Previous Year Paper For Class 8 Science


Solving previous years question papers on the regular basis before finals are the essential part of preparation. These ICSE previous year paper for class 8 provides a complete idea about the question paper pattern, important and repetitively asked topics, etc.

Due to the huge syllabus and lack of time, most of the students ignore solving these previous years question papers which is not correct. ICSE previous year paper help students in evaluating their knowledge in the particular subject, about their speed in writing the answers, about different questions from different topics, and it is known for reducing all the student worries about the subject.

ICSE previous year paper of class 8 science available in our website are collected from the CISCE -Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. Students can easily download and use these previous year paper which is in PDF format during the revision sessions for their upcoming final exams.


Practise This Question

Among the following fuels, which has the least calorific value:

CNG, Petrol, Cow Dung Cake, Wood.