ICSE sample paper for class 8 maths


ICSE Class 8 is very crucial for a student, lots of new topics are introduced in class 8 mathematics, knowing those topics are essential to understand the chapters in class 9. Mathematics is a cakewalk for some who solves 10-15 question a day, but for some it is very tough to score good marks in mathematics. Solving previous year questions and sample papers will help to get acquainted with the latest exam pattern, marking scheme etc.

These sample papers are designed according to the latest ICSE syllabus and curriculum, it is recommended to solve these sample question papers by keeping an eye on the clock, solving the sample papers by keeping an eye on the clock will help to know your approach like how much time you are spending to solve a particular problem.

Here we have provided the latest ICSE sample paper for class 8 mathematics:


Practise This Question

Find the number of sides of a polygon whose exterior and interior angles are in the ratio 1 : .5