ISC Sample Paper Class 11


The ICSE is a famous and well-reputed board for school education in our country. The board comes under the Indian School Certificate Examination. The ICSE is known to provide a high standard of education for the students enrolled in it.

For students shifting from their class 10th to class 11th, the gap between the quantity and difficulty of the high schooler’s syllabus is believed to be quite a large gap. For students in class 11th, they must be completely thorough with their subjects or they will have to overcome a much larger hurdle with the class 12 syllabus. That is why we have provided ICSE Sample Paper Class 11 so that students can understand the exam structure and also evaluate their own knowledge in the subjects. This will help them to find where they are weak and where they are strong and accordingly sort their efforts to clear the ICSE Class 11 exam with ease.

Practise This Question

A solid sphere of uniform density and radius 4 units is located with its centre at the origin O. Two spheres of equal radii 1 unit, with their centres at A (- 2, 0, 0) and B (2, 0, 0) respectively are taken out of the solid leaving behind spherical cavities as shown in the figure. Then choose the incorrect statement.