ICSE Class 4 Social Studies Syllabus

ICSE is well known for its properly structured syllabus and different constructive study materials. The positive aspect of this board is that it analyses the learning requirements of the students, and it prepares suitable learning materials for each standard on the basis of the learning capability of the students. The board does not follow the ‘textbook oriented’ learning process; instead, it gives leniency to students to choose textbooks as per their preference. Students can follow several contemporary books, as well. The class 4 Social Studies syllabus covers almost all major topics that a class 4 student has to have deep knowledge about.

Download ICSE Class 4 Social Studies Syllabus PDF

The Syllabus of ICSE Class 4 Social Studies is Given Below:

  1. The Story of the Past and Evidence in History
  2. Almanac
  3. Responsibilities of a Good Citizen
  4. The Earth – Its Movements & Forms
  5. Our State
  6. India – Unity in Diversity
  7. Pollution – Its Impact on the Environment

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