ISC Question Papers Class 11 Physics


The ISC(Indian School Certificate) and ICSE(Indian Certificate of Secondary Examination) are regulated by the CISCE(Council for the Indian School of Certificate Examination) Board in India. This board was established in the year 1958. CISCE board of India is committed to serve the nation’s children through quality education, empowering the children by providing practical knowledge on each of the maths and science subjects they learn in class.

Grade 11 and 12 comes under the ISC board. The Science side of ISC board have subjects like Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English is compulsory subject. A student can score very good marks in class 12 ISC board examination only if student is thorough with the topics in class 11 syllabus. Most of the basic concepts of Physics like motion and energy are covered in class 11.

ISC question papers for class 11 Physics is prepared by the Byju’s in such a way that it helps a student to dive deep into subject concepts that are mentioned in the ISC class 11 physics syllabus. The chapters that are covered here are . Important questions from all these topics are prepared in a well structured manner. Here at BYJU’S we provide you with the complete sets of physics question papers for class 11 ISC.

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A block of mass 'm' is hanging to a string in an elevator. The elevator is moving up with an acceleration 'a'. What will be the tension in the string?