ICSE Class 10 Chemistry Question Papers

For every student giving the ICSE Board Exam 2016 for class 10 , referring at least the previous 5 years question papers is imperative. The class 10 ICSE board exams prove to be an important point in a student’s life as the result of this exam will become a point of reference for all institutions in future. If a student wants to study the stream of his choice , it becomes essential that he obtains an adequate score so as to satisfy the requirements of his preferred stream. Hence , each student should see to it to leave no stone unturned in the preparation for this exam .

Answering the previous year question papers as a part of ICSE Class 10 board exam preparation , has always proved to be a sure-shot method to improve your scores in a big way. Students have always utilized this technique, as it helps them in the following ways:

  • Gives students an idea of the type of questions that can be asked
  • Gives students an idea of the weightage of each chapter in the subject
  • Helps students prepare for long and short answer questions, accordingly
  • Gives students an idea of the percentage of theory and numerical questions in the exam
  • Helps students to revise topics , few days before the exam when time is limited , as per the significance of each topic.

Hence , in short , solving previous year question papers is of immense advantage for students preparing for the board exams.

As far as Chemistry is concerned , students can understand how questions will be asked from the various topics in Chemistry . Chemistry is a subject where clarity of concepts and good understanding of processes is important. There are a large number of chemical reactions, processes, equations , etc that have to be learnt and memorized by students. Hence , having a knowledge of what topic to be given more importance , will help them prepare better. Chemistry is a very important subject that has to be learnt thoroughly as it is a part of competitive exams like JEE , AIPMT etc.

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Select the correct option for axial and equatorial hydrogens according to the following image