WBCS Exam Preparation - Booklist & Strategies

West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC) conducts the WBCS exam. The three stages – Preliminary, Mains and Interview have defined syllabus.

In this article, an aspirant will get to know detailed WBCS exam preparation strategy and a comprehensive booklist. There are few books that will work for both WBCS prelims and Mains and then there are few that will exclusively work for each Exam.

To get the details of WBCS 2020, check the linked article.

Before we discuss preparation for WBCS Exam Preparation, check below important information about WBCS 2020:

WBCS Syllabus 2020:- Download PDF Here

The WBCS Exam is conducted annually or when announced by West Bengal Public Service Commission (WBPSC.) The commission recruits for groups A, B, C and D and various posts under these groups.

Refer to the official website of the commission – https://pscwbonline.gov.in/ for more updates.

WBCS Preparation

The civil services examination is an eminent one and the standard of papers designed for it, are such that test analytical and conceptual clarity of the candidates.

Few tips that can help candidates track their preparation are:

  • Each topic that finds its place in WBCS syllabus is important and an aspirant should never skip any of those.
  • For State Service Exams, a candidate should read the state board textbooks as these give pertinent information on various topics mentioned in the syllabus.
  • Each topic like History, Geography, Polity, etc. should also be read keeping in mind the state’s aspects.
  • Source of practice is past years’ question papers. Find those in the official websites

Let us decode each topic for you and provide you with the best possible manner in which you can prepare for the same.

WBCS Prelims has below-given topics:

  • English composition – Candidates should know that the standard of questions asked under this section lies between moderate and difficult. Segregating the section into topics would help applicants simplify their preparation. Topics included under English composition are given in the table below:
Topics WBCS Preparation Books
Synonyms and Antonyms Choose any one from the following:

  • S.P Bakshi (Arihant Publication)
  • K D Sarkar
  • High School English Grammar and Composition by Wren and Martin
Idioms and Phrases
Vocabulary Test
Phrasal Verbs
Fill in the qualifying words

The above-mentioned English Composition topics can also be prepared using our BYJU’S Classroom notes. Candidates can check the table below:

  • General Science
Topics WBCS Preparation Books
General appreciation Choose any one from the following:

  • Magazine- Chronicle (Science)
  • State Board Textbooks
Understanding of science
Matters of everyday observation
Experience as expected from an educated person not having made special studies of scientific disciplines
  • Current Events of National and International Importance
Topics WBCS Preparation Books
Social, Political, Economic or Geographical issue that affects India and its policies in national and international front Choose any one from the following:

  • Pratiyogita Darpan (Magazine)
  • Yojana (Magazine)
  • Competition Success Review (Magazine)
  • The Hindu (Newspaper)
  • Telegraph (Newspaper)

To complement current events preparation, candidates can take help of the following links:

  • History of India
Topics WBCS Preparation Books
Ancient Choose state board textbook or Magbook India History
  • Geography of India with special reference to West Bengal
Topics WBCS Preparation Books
Physical Geography Choose state board textbook or read Majid Hussain or Orient Longman
Social Geography
Economic Geography
  • Indian Polity and Economy
Topics WBCS Preparation Books
Indian Constitution Read Laxmikant for Indian Polity and can go through Ramesh Singh for Economics. Aspirant can go through school textbooks to understand basic concepts.
Panchayati Raj
Constitutional Bodies, etc.

We have BYJU’S Classroom notes on Polity. To get important Polity articles and notes in one place, candidates can check the Polity Notes page.

  • Indian National Movement
Topics WBCS Preparation Books
Nature and character of Nineteenth-Century Resurgence Read school textbooks and refer one from the below:

  • Bipin Chandra
  • Romila Thapar
Growth of Nationalism
Attainment of Independence
  • General Mental Ability
Topics WBCS Preparation Books
Logical Reasoning Practising from R.S. Aggarwal will suffice
Common Aptitude

Candidates can refer to our overview of Logical Reasoning from the linked article. Here, you will get the basics straight and this can help you with WBCS preparation too.

WBCS Mains

The major topics given in WBCS Syllabus are History, Geography, Polity, Economics and Current Affairs.

WBCS Preparation books for Mains are:

  • History- Bipin Chandra
  • Polity- Laxmikant
  • Geography- Lexicon or Majid Hussain or G.c. Leong
  • Economy- School Textbooks or Ramesh Singh
  • Current Affairs- The Hindu/ Monthly Compilation of any good magazine

Apart from the books above, a few other recommended reading sources are:

  1. Budget and Economic Survey
  2. State Board books
  3. NCERT books – Download NCERT books PDF here (only English medium)
  4. To prepare for a compulsory paper number I and II where knowledge of Bengali language is significant, candidates should practice report-writing and translations from school textbooks and Bengali newspapers.
  5. Candidates can also check some important differences between articles that can help them differentiate between two and more important terms that are seen in the syllabus.

Some important points to keep in mind regarding WBCS Exam Preparation:

  1. Practice previous years’ question papers
  2. Do MCQ solving practice for Prelims
  3. Do answer writing practice for Mains

To get information about PSC and other government exams in one place, candidates can check the table below:

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