ICSE 10 Years Solved Papers

ICSE Board Papers are a series of question paper sets which help students in revising the entire syllabus in comparatively lesser time. Along with this, ICSE Class 10 students can also learn about all the possible types of questions, marks distribution, frequently repeated questions, etc. Students are advised to use these ICSE question papers after completion of their syllabus so as to gain confidence, which is required for them before their exams. By solving question bank for Class 10 ICSE students will get an idea about the question paper pattern, important topics and can evaluate their performance. Students can also record the time they took to solve the entire question bank for Class 10 ICSE, which will benefit them while solving the final question paper.

Students can download ICSE question paper for Class 10 for all subjects which are available in PDF format on our website BYJU’S. We have also provided best-suited ICSE board question papers solutions and explanations which assist students in preparing for their exam more easily and effectively.

Download ICSE Class 10 Last Year Papers Maths PDF

Maths last 10 year question papers Class 10 helps students to know exact question paper pattern of Maths, marking scheme, important question, etc. By solving these question papers, they will understand their preparation level. Practise regularly to attempt final question paper with full confidence.

Download ICSE Class 10 Last Year Papers Physics PDF

ICSE last 10 years previous year question papers for Physics get students an idea about question paper pattern, weightage of marks, important topics, etc. Students are advised to solve these papers once they complete studying the whole syllabus of Physics.

Download ICSE Class 10 Last Year Papers Chemistry PDF

Chemistry last 10 year question papers are the best resource while revising the complete syllabus of Chemistry. Practising these question papers will help them to be confident and also get to analyze their preparation level. It gives them an idea of exact question paper, weightage of marks, important questions, etc.

Download ICSE Class 10 Last Year Papers Biology PDF

Students are advised to solve these ICSE Class 10 last year papers of Biology to fetch more marks in the exam. With the help of these previous year papers, students can get the feel of the real question paper. Practising these papers will help them to gain confidence and understand their preparation level.

These solved ICSE question papers for Class 10 ICSE are the complete reference study materials for students preparing for board examinations as they comprise several numbers of questions encompassing all the topics according to the curriculum. By solving these ICSE question papers, students can have a thorough revision, and final practice before their exam and can also score very well in their board examinations. These ICSE question papers are prepared by taking reference from the ICSE Class 10 syllabus.

ICSE Board Papers is the best study resource to get a hand of the real question paper. Thus, according to how the student does in the ICSE Board question papers, they can find out where they are weak at and prepare accordingly. Students are advised to solve question bank for Class 10 ICSE once they complete studying the entire syllabus so that they will get to know whether they have covered all the important topics or skipped it. It will make them confident while solving the board question paper. ICSE Board Question Papers help students to get familiar with topic wise marking scheme and get to know the different types of questions asked.

Benefits of solving Question Bank for Class 10 ICSE

  • It will give the students a clear idea of what kind of questions they can expect.
  • The ICSE 10 years solved papers for Class 10 is considered as a valuable resource for students who are preparing for the upcoming board exam.
  • It provides insights on how and what to prepare for that particular examination.
  • It will help them to know their strengths and weaknesses.


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