The Learning App

An in-depth NEET training program awaits you on BYJU'S - The Learning App. The program is a rich combination of content and tests. The content is made available to you through unique teaching methodologies that include engaging videos and interactive lessons. The unlimited revision feature with a provision of detailed performance analysis helps you improve based on your previous score.

Program Highlights

sli Engaging Video Lessons
Video lessons (attend anytime) where every concept is explained visually will help a student prepare for the class and also revise a concept after the class. Also, you can attend a video lesson multiple times until you understand the concept completely.
sli Unlimited Adaptive Practice
Adaptive, interactive tests will help you master every chapter. Recommended videos will prompt you to correct mistakes in a practice session, enabling long-lasting learning.
sli Unlimited revision
Revising and Retaining Concepts is key to a better performance in NEET. You can revise the lessons as many times as you like.
sli Preparation for school and competitive examinations
The video lessons and test progress from easy to medium to NEET level difficulty in a step-by-step manner. You will be able to prepare for both the school examinations and the NEET.
sli Study Anywhere Anytime
The program adapts to your pace of learning and your learning pattern. You can study as per your schedule.
sli Comprehensive study material
You will be provided with the best and the most comprehensive study material to practice for NEET.
sli Complete Performance Analysis
Detailed performance analytics for each chapter and subject helps you work on your weaknesses and gain a competitive edge on the strong areas.
sli All India Test Series
Pan India Online AITS will help you compete and set a benchmark. You can post your doubts on 'Ask a Doubt' portal and it will be answered by Subject Matter Experts.
sli Doubt Portal
You can post your doubts on 'Ask a Doubt' portal and it will be answered by Subject Matter Experts.