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Perisperm vs. Pericarp

Perisperm and pericarp are formed as a part of the events following fertilization, in the plants reproducing sexually. In such plants, some of the post-fertilization events are the development of the embryo and endosperm, maturation of the ovaries into fruit, and maturation of the ovules into the seeds. Seeds can form with or without fertilization.

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  • Has a reddish appearance with a paper-like composition
  • It is a form of nutritive tissue found in the seeds of different plants
  • It develops from the nucellus once fertilization occurs
  • Endosperm absorbs the nutrients from the perisperm
  • It is diploid in nature and has a maternal origin
  • Perisperm surrounds the endosperms of the seeds


  • It is ripened and is a differently altered wall of the ovaries of the plant
  • It comprises an inner endocarp layer, outer exocarp and middle mesocarp layer
  • The ovarian wall becomes the pericarp or fruit wall

Key Differences Between Perisperm and Pericarp

The table below depicts the differences between Perisperm and Pericarp.



What is it?

Persistent remains of the ovule in the seed

Walls/covering of the fruit which is formed by the walls of the ovaries


Seen in a few seeds only

Seen in all fruits

Dry or fleshy

Typically dry

Could be dry or fleshy

It is a part of




Black pepper



Not functional typically

Forms as a protective covering in addition to playing a role in nutrition and dispersal

You read some differences between the Perisperm and Pericarp.

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