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The p-Block Elements

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The p-Block Elements
p-Block Elements Group 13 to 18, metals, non-metals and metalloids

Valence shell electronic configuration is ns2np1-6

Higher ionisation enthalpies and higher electronegativities than the metals

Readily form anions

Group 13 Outer electronic configuration ns2np1

Boron is non-metal, Aluminium is the most abundant metal and the third most abundant element in the earth crust.

Gallium, Indium, Thallium and Nihonium are metallic

Important Minerals of Aluminium Bauxite – Al2O3. 2H2O

Cryolite – Na3AlF6

Some Useful Compounds of Boron Borax – Na2B4O7β‹…10H2O

Orthoboric acid – H3BO3

Diborane – B2H6

Group 14 Elements

(Carbon Family)

Outer electronic configuration ns2np2

Carbon and silicon are non-metals, germanium is a metalloid, tin and lead are metals

Common oxidation states are +4 and +2

Allotropes of Carbon Diamond



Oxides of Group 13 Elements General formula – M2O3

B2O3– acidic

Al2O3, Ga2O3 – amphoteric

In2O3, Tl2O3 – basic

Important Gaseous Fuels Water gas or synthesis gas – CO + H2

Producer gas – CO + N2

Silicates Basic structural unit of silicates is SiO34–

Examples – feldspar, zeolites, mica and asbestos

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