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How Is NEET Percentile Calculated?

NEET is a pen-paper, medical entrance examination carried out annually by the NTA (National Testing Agency). It is a highly competitive exam where lakhs of students take part in the examination to seek admission to medical programmes across any of the medical institutes of the country.

NEET 2021 was held on 12th September 2021. As per officials, 16.1 Lakh students registered to take part in NEET 2021. Registrations for NEET-UG 2022 have commenced. With such fierce competition, candidates are gearing up for the examination with robust preparation.

NTA follows dedicated guidelines laid down by the Directorate General of Health Sciences (DGHS) and the Ministry of Health Sciences. Candidates who are to take part in the upcoming NEET-UG exam must be acquainted with terms such as NEET cut-off, NEET percentile calculation. Let us understand and get to know how the NEET percentile is calculated.

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NEET Percentile Calculation

NEET percentile can be calculated in the following two ways:

I. NEET Percentile Calculation – Based On Marks

Once candidates have calculated their NEET score, with the help of it, the NEET percentile can easily be calculated. To calculate NEET percentile, two parameters are required:

  • Your NEET Score
  • NEET score of the topper that particular year

NEET Percentile = Your NEET score * 100 / NEET score of the topper

For example,

Assume, A has secured 350 marks in NEET and the highest marks scored that year is 450, then the percentile of A can be calculated as follows:

=> 350 X 100/450 = 77.78

II. NEET Percentile Calculation – Based On Rank

This is a relatively tricky calculation; compared to the previous one. Here again, two parameters are involved:

  • Your NEET rank
  • Number of candidates appearing for NEET that particular year

NEET Percentile =

[(Total no. of candidates appearing – NEET Rank) /Total no. of candidates appearing] x 100

This can be explained with the help of an example, take a look:

If B has secured rank 90 and 7,00,000 candidates appeared in NEET that year, then the percentile of B can be calculated as follows:

NEET Percentile = [(7,00,000 – 90) /7,00,000] x 100 = 99.98

This was an explanation of how one can calculate the NEET percentile and the percentile formula in NEET. For information on percentile to marks converter, how to calculate NEET marks with examples and to learn more about NEET visit BYJU’S.

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