Alternating Current formulae for NEET

Alternating current is a current that changes its magnitude and polarity at regular interval of time. If the current maintains its direction constant it is called direct current.

AC and DC current

Root Mean Square

The Root mean square of a function from T1 to T2 is given by

Root mean square

Power Consumed or Supplied in AC circuit

The average power consumed in a cycle

Average power consumed in a cycle

Purely Resistive Circuit

In a purely resistive circuit, the power is dissipated by the resistance and phase of both voltage and current remains the same.

Purely resistive circuit

Value of power and current

Pure Inductive Circuit

In a purely inductive circuit current lags the voltage by 900

Pure inductive circuit

i = imsin(ωt- π/2)

Purely Conductive Circuit

In a purely inductive circuit, the current flowing through the capacitor leads the voltage by 900.

Purely conductive circuit

Current in purely inductive circuit