What is Diplotene?

Diplotene is the fourth stage of meiosis prophase-1 (a five-stage process). It is preceded by the crossing over in the pachytene stage. Diplotene stage is characterized by desynapsis and chiasmata formation.

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In the diplotene stage synaptonemal complex formed during zygotene dissolve and desynapsis of homologous chromosomes start. Homologous chromosomes separate from each other except at the sites of crossing over called chiasmata.

The chiasmata are x-shaped.

At this stage, chromatids unfold and rapid RNA synthesis takes place.

In some of the animals, the diplotene stage is extended for months and years as the cell division gets arrested, it is called the dictyotene stage. In mammal oocytes, cell division is arrested at the diplotene stage and resumes just prior to ovulation.

Diplotene is followed by the last stage of prophase-1 (meiosis) known as the diakinesis, which is characterized by terminalization of chiasmata.

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