Dos and Don’ts for NEET

NEET can be overwhelming for most students and there are certain things that need to be followed during and on the examination day to score better marks. Therefore, in this article, we shall go through a few dos and the don’ts which need to be followed during and on the examination day.

Dont’s List

Do Not Procrastinate

We all do this when it comes to executing an important plan or goal that we have in mind. Procrastination makes it hard to achieve your goal. The more you delay your preparation, the less enthusiastic you feel towards your goal. Therefore, set a date for your exam preparation and do not think otherwise on the execution day.

Do not do any last-minute preparations

Although last-minute preparations are sometimes beneficial to remember important formulas and concepts, there are chances that you might forget what you have learnt. Therefore, avoid studying any new topics on or before the day of the examination. Revise only the key concepts and formulas which are required to solve numerical problems.

Do not compare your progress with others

Comparing your study progress with your friends has to be avoided. Everyone’s studying strategies are different, and your friend might be either faster or slower than you in terms of completing the syllabus. The progress of others should not be your motivation to study. Your aim is to score good marks in the exam, regardless of your friend’s preparation. Therefore, we advise you to focus on your own studies.

Don’t lose faith in your abilities

This will be applied to every complicated scenario in life. You might feel overwhelmed by the difficulty level of the problem but, never lose faith in yourself. Dedication, hard work along with the right skill set can definitely help you to pass the exam with flying colours.

To-do List

Stay relaxed

It is important to stay relaxed throughout your exam preparation and especially on the exam day. Your year-long preparation will be tested for a span of 3 hours and you shouldn’t let that go to waste due to stress and pressure. Take a breather at times you feel stressed and try to attempt all the questions on the paper.

Prepare a study time table

The first and foremost step to take while preparing for NEET is to prepare a study timetable. The timetable serves as a blueprint which tells you what to study and which part to leave. Read the syllabus and the pattern clearly then prepare a schedule according to the time availability.

Read the exam instructions carefully

On the day of the examination, follow the dress code and carry all the necessary materials required such as hall ticket, valid photo id, water bottle, etc. Before starting with your exam, read the instructions carefully and make sure you are following the rules. Do not engage in any suspicious activities at any cost.

Do prepare your own notes

As the syllabus of the competitive exam is huge, students might forget the concepts that they have learned. Therefore, maintain a neat notebook and try to write down all the important points in your own words or in whichever language you are comfortable with. Write down all the short cut techniques and highlight the most repeated and important questions which have appeared in the exam, using a marker. It is always better to write once than read ten times.


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