In NEET, What Is The Difference Between Qualifying Marks And Cut Off?

Qualifying marks are different from cut-off scores if you thought otherwise all this while. Qualifying marks are those marks which you need to score to get selected for the NEET counselling process. There is a strong misconception regarding qualifying marks that it is 50% of the NEET score, i.e., half of 720=360, which is not true at all.

Qualifying marks is 50 percentile. There is a difference between percentile and percentage. Hence, you have to score better than 50% of the total aspirants who took part in the test. This mark, qualifying marks changes every year, ranging typically from 150 to 200. Please note that a mere scoring of these marks, i.e., 150-200 is not a good score at all. It will not do any good.

NEET cut-off is that score, which actually helps you get into a medical college. It indicates the minimum qualifying percentile, which aspirants must score to take up admission. One needs to clear NEET cut-off to be eligible for counselling. Scoring above the NEET cut-off will help you land up with a seat. Cut-offs are subject to change every year, which is based on different criteria such as the number of aspirants appearing, difficulty level and much more.

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