10 Ways to Deal With Stress During NEET Preparation

  1. Stay away from social media apps
  2. Social media apps can create a major distraction, especially for teenagers and young adults. If you find yourself spending many hours on social media platforms then it is time to put your phone down and focus on studies. Social media addiction can cause stressful situations when the exam is approaching and you haven’t done enough preparations. Therefore, to avoid this situation, turn off your phone while studying and use it only when you are on a break.

  3. Don’t compare your progress with peers
  4. Not every student can match your study pace. Some will be way ahead of the schedule and others will be behind. Comparing your progress with someone who has completed the entire syllabus twice or thrice, can only cause more stress. So, focus on your study plan and stop discussing your progress with peers.

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  5. Maintain a healthy sleep cycle
  6. Sleep is very important for human beings to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To function in a healthy way, a person should get an average sleep of 7-8 hours. Therefore, do not over pressurise yourself by spending an entire night studying. Try to get enough sleep so that you can start the next day with full enthusiasm.

  7. A good diet
  8. Maintaining a good diet will give you the energy to get through the entire day. NEET requires you to study and concentrate for a long time. Therefore, it is important to eat healthy and nutritious food, which does not let your body drain quickly.

  9. Meditation
  10. Meditation helps you to channel your energy and focus on one particular task for a long time. It also helps you to declutter your mind from exam stress and tension. Try to practise meditation for at least 20-30 minutes every day to see better results.

  11. Exercise and other physical activities
  12. Studying in one place for hours can cause boredom to anyone. Include simple activities in your timetable like walking, jogging, or exercising. Every 2-3 hours take a break and involve yourself in these activities to stay active throughout the day.

  13. Allot short breaks
  14. It is essential to allot necessary study breaks in your timetable. Bombarding your brain with all the information can definitely drain your energy. To avoid this, take a short break for 15-30 minutes but make sure you don’t extend the break beyond the allotted time.

  15. Follow the study plan
  16. A study plan should be constructed before you start your exam preparations. Based on the time you can dedicate in a day, design a timetable and stick to it, no matter what. Following the timetable religiously will help you reach your goal.

  17. Revision
  18. Revision helps you to remember whatever you have studied for a long time. Revision is one of the most important parts of your exam preparation. You have to ensure that you revise the entire syllabus at least 3 times before the exam.

  19. Rely on good mentors

In these stressful times, you need a lot of help and support from teachers, family and friends. Join a good coaching center with supportive faculty who will help you out with all your doubts and clarifications regarding the subject.

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