Did NEET 2020 Exam Get Delayed Due To Corona Outbreak?

did neet 2020 exam get delayed due to corona

The Corona pandemic has sent down tremors of sorts for students in particular. The year-around preparation has come to a standstill after news got published of several exams being postponed due to the corona outbreak. But did the NEET 2020 exam also suffer the repercussions? Read to know.

NEET 2020 exams have received an overwhelming number of applicants, this time the registered candidates have crossed 15.9 lakh count. The NTA(National Testing Agency) conducts the NEET exams annually for medical aspirants enabling qualifying candidates to seek admissions in medical institutes. NEET 2020 was scheduled to be conducted on 3rd May 2020. As CBSE Board exams for Class 12 got postponed, subsequently rumours started doing rounds of a possible delay in NEET exams too. However, as per the latest reports, there is no such formal declaration until now. So students can have a sigh of relief. NEET 2020 exams will not get delayed and shall be conducted as per the schedule.

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As all the main educational institutions were issuing an official notice of holiday declarations along with postponing exams, students were bound to think about the future of NEET 2020 examinations. But students must make note that there has been no official declaration as of now about the NEET exams being postponed or rescheduled at all. NTA has not yet released any official notice on the same suggesting any delay.

The Class 12 Board exams have been rescheduled by the CBSE on 31st March 2020, 4th April 2020 and 1st April 2020 respectively. One must also make note of the fact that the exams have been scheduled keeping in mind the already scheduled date of NEET exams, i.e., 3rd May 2020 in view of avoiding clashes with the CBSE exams while still giving adequate time for NEET preparations for students.

Subsequently, registered NEET 2020 candidates can follow the schedule and prepare for exams as mentioned earlier. Candidates must constantly keep a tab on the official website for NEET, ntaneet.nic.in for the latest updates. The preventive measures being taken by the government in view of public interest is, however, keeping a check on the COVID-19 outbreak and is estimated to significantly reduce in the upcoming months.

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