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How To Prepare For NEET If It's Your Second Attempt?

Resitting for any test, leave alone NEET, can be a painful experience. One is overwhelmed with apprehension, self-doubts and allied emotions overtaking the senses. One is constantly haunted by any possibilities of ever clearing it, crushing dreams. Levels of frustrations are clearly evident in those candidates who have failed in their first, second or even third attempt.


If you have been at this place, facing unsettling feelings, fret not. While many clear it in their first attempt, most give all the more in their subsequent attempts. With the upliftment of any restriction on the number of attempts for NEET, students can take a sigh of relief.

Many students drop out and put a year at stake, only to fulfil their dreams of having a fulfilling medical career, and the dropping out later feels worth it.

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If you are dealing with the prospect of resitting at exams, this article is for you. Follow these simple tips and overcome the hurdle.

1. Analyze your previous attempt

One of the first things to do is to retrospect your previous attempt at NEET. Probe your previous scores, identify loopholes, difficulties you faced in the exam hall. Make a note of it. Identify and rectify your mistakes. In the course of time, work actively towards converting your weaknesses to strengths. You may also ask an expert to get personalized feedback on your previous attempt.

2. Conceptual understanding

One of the prime reasons after a careful analysis has been ascribed to a lack of understanding of basic concepts. Seek the assistance of an experienced person who will help you get clarity of concepts. It is an ideal way to kick-start preparation.

3. Redefine your strategy

It so might have happened that your previous approach might not have been up to the mark, leaving you with a disappointing outcome. It clearly did not work for you. Redefine your approach. Perhaps, it could be a change in the revision style or adapting shortcuts, new techniques or even the decision to seek coaching. Up your game with the best possible strategy. Follow interviews and excerpts of NEET toppers and include them in your plan.

4. Practise all the way

Ensure to practise a range of questions, it plays a huge role in shaping your preparation. Choose different series and take up mock tests regularly. The best set of preparations is incomplete without resolving papers.

5. Improve levels of speed and accuracy

You may have covered all the chapters, equipped with a fool-proof preparation and are the brightest student, but have failed the first attempt as you did not get adequate time to attempt questions. A direct inference is incompetent levels of speed and accuracy, two key factors for any competitive exam. Constantly aim at enhancing these aspects, with effective time management skills.

6. Quality over quantity

You now have first hand experience of preferring covering all chapters just in time over qualitative study sessions. Regardless of investing 15 hours a day or more, if concepts are not retained, it is a baseless attempt. Adapt the nuances of smart learning.

7. Undervaluing NCERT

Another commonly observed mistake is undervaluing the importance of NCERT sources for its simplicity. No doubt, concepts offered in NCERT seem too easy for an exam like NEET, but if one has to go by figures and statistics, nearly 80-85% of the NEET question paper is based on NCERT (either directly or indirectly). It is the best source to brush up all the concepts and lays the perfect foundation for concepts to be built upon. It is highly recommended to heavily rely on NCERT for NEET.

8. Take advantage of your position

Unaccustomed to failure? No, you are not. Students who are resitting for NEET, have a huge advantage over those who are attempting it for the first time. Chances of clearing NEET, hence are much higher. You are thoroughly acquainted with the exam pattern, format, exam hall temperament and much more, which are small but determinative factors.

9. The role of 4 P’s

Passion, Perseverance, Positive attitude and Patience are quintessential attributes that any NEET aspirant must possess. Regardless of the stage of preparation, or the number of attempts, ingrain these 4 traits to stay motivated and focussed at any given point in your journey, to stay devoid of any looming thoughts.

“Plans are nothing, planning is everything”. A small change, little differences channeled in the right direction can change the game for you. Identify yours and work towards it. Hope this article helps you. For more interesting write-ups, head to the NEET BYJU’S section.

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