NEET 2020 Notifications - State Of Tamil Nadu Reserves Medical College Seats For Candidates From Government Schools

Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, E.K. Palaniswami stated that a specific law will be enforced by the Government for students to reserve their seats who have cleared NEET, those passing out from government schools from classes 1 to 12th.

As per the latest, the CM stated that the government shall reserve some specific percentage of medical college seats for those candidates from government schools who successfully clear the exams qualifying for further processes in view of which he stated that a specific law shall be passed.

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He also went on to mention that the Government shall appoint a commission dedicated to this scheme which would be led by the High Court Judge in order to collect data and statistics to ensure the law is smoothly running and to ensure that all the required recommendations with regards to this are in place.

Furthermore, he mentioned that this Commission shall also approach and dedicate a special workforce to identify reasons why government school candidates get admitted to medical institutes in significantly lower numbers thereby suggesting the necessary approaches to be adapted in this regard.

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