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AIIMS MBBS is one of the most popular medical entrance exams held for UG students in India. The exam is conducted by All India Institute of Medical Sciences which is based in Delhi. Usually, the admission depends on the performance of the candidates, but there is a reservation policy in place for students belonging to General / SC / ST/ PH /OBC categories. In any case, if any of you are preparing to appear for the exam, then here we will be discussing the AIIMS syllabus and related things. Aspirants will get to know about the syllabus of AIIMS and be informed on what topics to look for as well as study.

Notably, AIIMS does not prepare or prescribe the syllabus. So what then? Well, the syllabus for AIIMS exam has historically been based on the syllabus of class 12 science which is under the 10+2 scheme or Intermediate science level. While things sound easy, candidates should be through with the subjects that include chemistry, physics, biology, and they should be aware of the current affairs and have good general knowledge.

In any case, candidates can prepare well for the exam by going through their class 12 science syllabus. They can also use NCERT science books for reference as well. You can find the detailed AIIMS entrance exam syllabus 2019 below.

AIIMS Chemistry Syllabus
Basic concepts of chemistry
States of matter
Atomic structure
Classification of elements and periodicity in properties
Chemical energy
Chemical bonding
Equilibrium in physical and chemical processes ionic equilibrium
Redox reactions
Solid state chemistry
Chemical thermodynamics; Solutions
Chemical kinetics
Surface chemistry
S-block elements / p-block elements
General principles and processes of isolation of elements
Coordination compounds
Basic principles of organic chemistry
Purification and characteristics of carbon compounds
Organic compounds with functional group containing halogens (X)
Organic compounds with functional group containing oxygen
Organic compounds with functional group containing nitrogen
Environmental chemistry
Chemistry in everyday life
AIIMS Biology Syllabus
Diversity in the living world
Cell- the unit of life/structure/function
Genetics and evolution
Structure and function – plants
Structure and function – animals
Reproduction/growth/movement in plants
Reproduction and development in human
Ecology and environment
Biology and human welfare
Biotechnology and its applications
AIIMS Physics Syllabus
Introduction and Management
Description of motion in one dimension
Description of motion in two and three-dimension
Laws of motion
Work, energy and power
Rotational motion
Heat and Thermodynamics
Current Electricity
Thermal and Chemical Effects of currents
Magnetic effects of current
Electromagnetic induction and alteration currents
Electromagnetic waves
Ray optics and optical instruments
Electrons and photons
Atoms, molecules and nuclei
Solids and semiconductor devices
AIIMS General Knowledge Syllabus
Current Affairs
International Organizations
Top Executives of popular companies
Major Corporate events
Award and Prizes
World Records
Science, Geography Computer science, History etc.

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