Diadelphous Stamen Notes

Diadelphous Stamen refers to the united stamens in two bunches.

Stamens are the male reproductive structure of a flower. Stamens consist of a filament and anther. They represent the androecium.

Stamens may be free or united. When stamens are free, they are known as polyandrous. When stamens are united, they are referred to according to the number of bunches they form.

Monoadelphous – When stamens are united and are present as one bundle or compound structure, they are called monoadelphous, e.g. china rose.

Diadelphous – When stamens are united partially and are present in two bunches, they are called diadelphous, e.g. pea.

Polyadelphous – When stamens are united and are present in more than two bunches, they are called polyadelphous, e.g. citrus.

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