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NEET Chemistry Question Paper

NEET Chemistry section is grounded on the Chemistry syllabus of NCERT Class 11 and 12. Consequently, aspirants must focus on covering all concepts and questions from the textbook of NCERT exhaustively.

Additionally, to be able to answer questions that are beyond the scope of NCERT, one must refer to related sources of Chemistry. This exposes students to a series of questions with varying levels of difficulty.

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Chemistry section of NEET is usually the most scoring section, and easier to crack in much lesser time comparatively. All this can be achieved only when concepts are clear, formulae for NEET chemistry and important reactions are within your grasp. Furthermore, a well-practised hand is as critical. Taking up mock tests under an ideal exam environment just enhances your levels of speed and accuracy.

Typically, the Chemistry section of the NEET Question paper is equally distributed between Physical, Organic and Inorganic chemistry sections. However, NEET 2020 saw nearly 18 questions appearing from the Organic Chemistry section alone.

Some important topics in Chemistry as per previous trends are tabulated here section-wise, take a look:

Important Chapters For Different Sections of Chemistry
Section Topic Number of questions
Physical Chemistry Chemical and ionic equilibrium 3
Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry 2
Chemical Kinetics 2
Solution and colligative properties 1
Surface Chemistry 1
Inorganic Chemistry Chemical Bonding 5
Coordination compounds 4
P and s block 2
D and f block 2
Organic Chemistry Carbonyl compounds 4
General organic chemistry 3
Alkyl, Halide, Alcohol & Ether 2
IUPAC and Isomerism 2

Note: The number of questions provided is an average figure, extrapolated from the previous trends. It is subject to vary.

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Importance of solving questions on NEET Chemistry Question Paper

Chemistry section of NEET is usually sidelined by medical aspirants given the vastness offered by the Biology syllabus and the complexity of Physics. Since NEET Chemistry holds 25% of the total weightage, devoting as much time and slots in your study planner to chemistry is important to crack NEET with a competent score.

It has been observed from previous trends that nearly 40-45% of the questions appear from solved examples, exercise questions towards the end of the textbook while the same number of questions are directly picked from previous years’ question papers. Merely, 5-10% questions are beyond the scope of NCERT. As a result, solving question papers to crack NEET Chemistry section is critical and a sure shot way to succeed.

NEET Question Paper Analysis – Chemistry

Once topics of Chemistry are well comprehended, any type of question can be answered. It is the best section to boost your overall NEET score. Having said that, there is a considerable chunk of Chemistry that requires regular practising to be able to answer questions on it.

Questions in chemistry are twined in numerous ways. To help decode the exact pattern of this section, typology, frequently appearing questions, weightage of the chemistry section etc, NEET experts have performed a detailed analysis on NEET 2020 question paper. Explore it here:


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