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What Is The Difference Between NEET And AIIMS?

NEET or the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is an annual medical entrance test, conducted by the NTA (National Testing Agency). While AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) is a medical science institute with its centre in New Delhi. It carries out separate entrance tests for admissions to its many AIIMS institutes situated across various cities in the country until 2019.

Now, since the academic session 2020, the entrance test by AIIMS institutes as well as JIPMER institutes has been scrapped. Consequently, admissions to undergraduate medical courses presented to candidates by the AIIMS will now be based on the marks one scores in NEET. NEET is now the one-tier national entrance test for admissions to medical programmes across India.

Upon successfully qualifying NEET by clearing the minimum NEET cut-off specified that particular year for each category, students can register themselves for the further counselling rounds through the online mode. Shortlisted candidates are then called for counselling and offered seats based on merit. One can seek admissions through the AIQ (All India Quota – 15% seats reserved under this quota) or state quota seats (85% seats reserved under this quota).

Comparing NEET and AIIMS

Though the entrance test conducted by AIIMS has been scrapped since 2020, just for the curious minds, we have collated some key differences between both NEET and AIIMS tests that students experienced when they took up these tests:

Difference In Assessing

  • Speed, time management skills, conceptual understanding, presence of mind is assessed in NEET. This balanced test is a cumulative effort to extract the most and the best acquired knowledge out of students
  • AIIMS on the other hand, assesses your conceptual comprehension and application skills. Questions could relatively be lengthier

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Difference In Pattern

  • AIIMS is a computer-based test, carried out in the online mode unlike NEET which is an online test

A brief on the difference in their exam pattern is as seen in the table below:

Exam Pattern – NEET Vs. AIIMS

Mode of exam Offline Online
Duration 3 hours 3½ hours
Subjects Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General Knowledge and Aptitude
Type of Questions Objective type questions Multiple choice and reason-assertion type
Total Number of Questions 180 200
Distribution of questions Physics – 45

Chemistry – 45

Botany – 45

Zoology – 45

Physics – 60

Chemistry – 60

Biology (Botany and Zoology) – 60

General Knowledge – 10

Aptitude & Logical Thinking – 10

Marking Scheme Correct response: +4 marks

Incorrect response: -1 mark

Correct response: +1 marks

Incorrect response: -1/3rd mark

Difference In Syllabus

Syllabus for NEET and AIIMS is the same for subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The difference pitches in when the two other sections come into the picture viz., Aptitude and General knowledge. AIIMS asks assertion-reasoning based questions where the GK sections deal with current affairs usually.

In detail: NEET Syllabus

Difference in Preparation

  • Preparation for core subjects is more or less the same in both these tests aligning with similarity in the syllabus. AIIMS, however, requires more time to prepare for additional subjects – GK and Aptitude
  • Complete command over NCERT for both tests is a must
  • Solving previous years’ question papers in NEET is a basic resource for preparation. However, previous years’ questions are not released in case of AIIMS. Hence, students practice mock tests
  • Complexity offered by AIIMS Physics is much more compared to NEET

This article enlightened students about differences between NEET and AIIMS. Explore more related articles on NEET at BYJU’S.

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