Difference Between Chlorophyll and Chloroplast

Differences between chlorophyll and chloroplast are due to factors such as existence and involvement in photosynthesis. Where chloroplasts exist as cell organelles(photosynthetic) in a plant cell, appearing as a structure resembling that of mitochondria’s, chlorophyll exists as a primary photosynthetic pigment within the chloroplast. Mainly, chlorophyll absorbs red and blue light from the sun converting it into chemical energy but chloroplast is a part where photosynthesis takes place.

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  • They are fat-soluble organic molecules having tetrapyrrole ring hence referred to as the “Tetrapyrrole pigments or Magnesium chlorin”
  • Food producers of the cell found in green plants, present in the chloroplast
  • Responsible for plants to grow healthy and green
  • Found in the mesophyll cells in the leaves of green plants
  • Reflects green colour by absorbing red and blue wavelengths
  • Just like mitochondria, it is referred to as the power house of the cell as is responsible for ATP synthesis and other such reactions
  • Structure similar to that of heme group of haemoglobin and cytochromes derived from protoporphyrin


  • Organelle found in all green plants
  • It is the site for photosynthesis to occur, converting sunlight into chemical energy
  • Found in dense fluid part of the chloroplast
  • Carries out photosynthesis, light reactions, carbon assimilation reaction and much more
  • Encloses the fluid stroma inside the double membrane
  • Contains tiny, flattened, floating sacs known as thylakoids arranged as granum

Difference Between Chlorophyll and Chloroplast

Following are some of the important differences between Chlorophyll and Chloroplast.

Chlorophyll Chloroplast
What does it mean?
Pigment imparting green color to plants Organelle present in plant cell and site of photosynthesis
Five types – chlorophyll a,b,c,d,f No types
Carotenoids having yellow and red pigments, green pigment No pigments
Pigment that carries out photosynthesis Organelle carrying out photosynthesis
Found as a part of
Chloroplast Plant cell
Inside chloroplast, in thylakoid membranes All through the plant cell, leaves specifically
Can be observed in
All Algae, plants, cyanobacteria All algae and plants
Genetic material
Do not have their own DNA Has their own DNA organelle known as cpDNA

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