Preparing For NEET In Quarantine Using Internet

The study schedule of all students regardless of the level has gone for a toss given the pandemic. Board exams, yearly exams or national level competitive tests, all assessments have been postponed, affecting the academic session of students. In addition, the much-awaited entrance tests for admissions to professional degrees have also been hit hard.

With the announcement of the national lockdown, many sectors were affected. In this dire situation, students are resorting to the most reliable and economical means, the Internet for online learning. Preparation courtesy the World Wide Web initially was a bewildering thought. Now, however, it has revolutionized the way things were perceived.

If you look around, technology has become a part of students’ life in pursuit of knowledge. Seems like the world of information is just a click away. With absolutely no barriers to prepare for exams, it almost seems like your bright future is in your hands, all thanks to the education-friendly devices and well-equipped services.

In this article, we discuss how best we can use the internet to fuel our NEET preparation while making the most of the quarantine.

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NEET Preparation In Lockdown

As soon as the lockdown was announced, a panic was generated amongst students. One must ensure to stay at bay from all the unnecessary rumours and stay at peace. Follow the official notifications only.

A peaceful mind is pivotal to crack any test. Here is breaking down some steps to be followed to prepare for NEET in self-isolation with the help of the internet.

1. Digitalize studies

Imparting education is through virtual classes now as opposed to traditional classroom setup. Digital platforms have never been this engaging for online learning. Bringing home a modern yet student-friendly alternative is a great way to ensure academics is not affected. On similar lines, students may also sign up for various practice tests and related assessments easily accessible online to timely gauge performance. This surplus time in the form of quarantine can be utilized to the fullest as we are devoid of any socializing and other such engagements.

2. Videos To The Run-up

The internet is flooded with videos, some informative, some not so informative. Lookup for some illuminating videos on popular video streaming platforms exclusively enabled for students and educators. Learning this way gives a different perspective, allowing you to understand the same topic through a different lens. Additionally, it allows gathering those small nuances a concept wants to convey through charts, figures and graphs, which you probably missed out on. This type of learning ingrains information for longer, imprinting it on your minds. Stream and learn from these videos, anywhere, anytime.

3. Divide and rule

Each student has a different pace of learning. However, what remains common is the allocation of equal slots for each subject, irrespective of the content grasped. With plentiful time in quarantine, candidates must ensure to divide their day equally amongst subjects while inculcating the much-deserving breaks. It must be followed strictly matching your flexibilities.

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4. Staying virtually connected

Cannot meet up with peers and indulge in group studies in view of maintaining social distance? Fret not. Video calls are here to your rescue. Connect with your peers via video calls and exchange ideas, strategies and engage in fun learning sessions. Additionally, you may also connect with experts over video conferencing and get your doubts cleared. Indulge in some quizzes and make learning all the more absorbing.

5. Beware of availability of information

Every coin has two sides. Likewise, the internet can be both boon and bane. While there is access to an indefinite number of sites providing information, on the flip side, referring to multiple sites can create chaos. Refrain from referring to multiple sources for the same bit of information to avoid mixing up of information. Furthermore, authenticity of information here is highly vulnerable. It is advised to adhere to the authentic and prescribed sources for NEET. Beyond that, follow related sources to gain exposure. Revise more.

6. Exposure to tools

The internet is a place where there is no dearth of ideas or tools. Make use of different patterns/formats and resources to enhance your learning, cognitive and analytical capabilities. Some options would be – create presentations, draw using free tools, download printable flashcards, learn through videos, solve puzzles and quizzes, create your own question papers, share with peers through social media, use infographics and flowchart tools. There are the other alternatives to offline learning which you may want to experiment with.

7. No excuses, practice!

“Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good” – Malcolm Gladwell

If you want to head your preparation in the right direction, practising is undoubtedly a must. With ample time in hand now as a result of quarantine, you cannot scapegoat your poor performance on lack of time for preparation now.

No academic batch has got this ample time as this year’s fortunate candidates appearing for NEET have. Treat this time as a bonus and make the most of it. Practise, revise and repeat should be your mantra.

8. Leisure time

Though one is at home, studying as opposed to commuting to coaching centres or college, gets one exhausted. If not physically, mentally one does. Your mind needs to recover from the information you just fed it with. Take periodic breaks and do not stress out.

Mental wellness is as important as learning that important chapter. Indulge in some mind-calming activities for better concentration. There are a dozen apps available out there which can help you regulate the health of your mind. Check them out.

Things To Avoid While Preparing For NEET At Home

In a bid to promote social distancing, institutes are leveraging online education to convey learnings, conduct exams, deliver course material and more. While so much and more is happening at the comfort of your homes, ensure to avoid engaging in a few activities which have become part of routine courtesy quarantine, take a look:

  • Do not indulge in marathon study sessions. Take intervals
  • Refrain from heavily engaging in social media activities, games and other recreational activities which have become part of routine
  • Avoid slipping into clicking those flashy shopping ads and other pop ups while surfing to lookup for study material. Stay away from these temptations
  • Do not blindly follow any site for educational purposes. Check its authenticity and content for its adherence to the NTA prescribed information
  • Video calls have been suggested to connect and exchange learnings effectively. Refrain from connecting for hours together with peers, putting behind learning and wasting time. Let such activities be time bound
  • Keep away from installing a list of apps for every activity. Decreases productivity as every app would then keep you engaged. Ensure to install apps only for those activities without which managing preparation becomes a tedious task
  • Do not get demotivated with those consistent low scores in mock and practice tests. Keep practising. Never give up

All in all, keep yourself motivated during quarantine for NEET preparations. It must be reminded to candidates time and again the career path they have chosen and how much it means to them. Goals and its outcomes will follow suit.

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