National Mathematics Olympiad Workshop

National Maths Olympiad Webinar

National Mathematics Olympiad Workshop – Sunday, 9/OCT/2016

Key Highlights:

  • Preparation Tips by Olympiad Toppers and IIT’ians
  • Cover Olympiad Question Paper Pattern
  • Strategies to Crack Tough Math Problems

Indian National Maths Olympiad

Maths Olympiad in India is conducted in 2 tiers. In the first round/tier, students take part in Regional Maths Olympiad conducted first at the district level and then at state levels. Winners of state Olympiad are then invited to write the Indian National Maths Olympiad. INMO (Indian National Maths Olympiad) is conducted by the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education and is considered as one of the toughest competitive tests in Maths. 30 students who qualify INMO are invited for the International Maths Olympiad training camp. The month-long camp subjects the students to Olympiad Maths training and the qualified students are made to take 4 tests. The top 6 students acing the rank list are then selected as the “Indian team” for International Maths Olympiad. International Maths Olympiad sees the participation of students from nearly 100 countries and is considered the highest competition for Mathematics. Though Indian origin students have done exceedingly well while representing other countries in International Maths Olympiad, India’s track record in Olympiad has been patchy.

Indian National Maths Olympiad – Topics And Paper Structure

INMO questions cover the topics of Geometry, Algebra, Number Theory and Combinatorics. Though Calculus don’t form part of the syllabus, knowing Calculus and approaches of solution using Calculus can be really helpful in doing questions. The paper will carry 6 questions and students will be given 4 hours to answer these questions. A Clear understanding of basic Math topics like Geometry and Algebra will help a student clear Maths Olympiad provided some effort is invested in making one acquainted with the style of questions which appears in the papers. It is highly recommended to go through previous years Olympiad papers and solutions which you can download from the bottom of this page.


6 students who qualify to IMO are eligible for Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana

Download Previous Year Question Papers for National Mathematics Olympia

CBSE Group Mathematics Olympiad Question Paper 1

CBSE Group Mathematics Olympiad Question Paper 2

CBSE Group Mathematics Olympiad Question Paper 3

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