Area of a Circle Using Calculus IIT JEE Study Material

It’s often said that Mathematics is the language of physics.You yourself would have begun to experience this from the time you set foot on class 11. The theories are becoming more and more mathematical and the bulk of the syllabus depends on sigmas and dy/dx. However, the language of physics doesn’t seem very easy to understand in the first go, does it?? I am pretty sure you all are having a little difficulty grasping calculus and its nothing to worry about.

We figured the reason students struggle with calculus initially is that it is slightly removed from reality or at least that’s the way it is taught. So, let’s bring calculus in the realm of more fundamental mathematics. More specifically, we will explain or rather show, integration using the concept of areas.

So,let’s learn how to find out the area of circle using Calculus.Do you know why the area of a circle is ?r2?

Watch this video to find out and after that, do not forget to share your suggestions or doubts with us. We absolutely love to hear from you. Happy Learning!!!

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