How To Create GRE Account For the General Test?


Educational Testing Service, popularly known as ETS, is the administrating and regulating body for the GRE General Exam. Every candidate has to create an account in the ETS website before taking the exam.

While creating your account always remember one thing which is the name that you are using for creating your ETS account. The name which you mention in the form must be the same as mentioned in your ID proof as well. If there are any discrepancies, then your GRE scores will get canceled.

What is My GRE Account?

Through your GRE account, you can register for the following international standardized tests of TOEFL and PRAXIS. Or else if you are already registered for any of these tests, you can use the same credentials for ETS Account.

If you’re planning to take GRE General Exam or GRE Subject Exam, there is little distinction in the ETS account creation. Let us discuss the same below.

Seven easy steps to get your ETS Account for GRE General Exam

All you need to do is, create an ETS account on the official website of ETS, before you register yourself for the GRE General Exam. Follow the below given steps and get your ETS GRE – General Exam Account.

1. Sign up for the free GRE Search Service

The account creation is free of cost. Once you sign up into the account, it provides you the Search service. This option offers you to search for graduate schools or business schools and also view the minimum GRE scores required for the specific programs included in their academics. In fact, the colleges can reach out to you as well if you meet their score requirement.

2. Analyze your scores

Once your ETS Account has been created, you can easily login to it, and you can review your scores. You can freely review your score from the older ones to the latest one.

3. Analyse, alter or cancel your registration

No entity is constant in this world. At any point of time, you can change your name, phone number or contact details. In any case, if you are unable to write the examination, you still have the option to cancel your registration.

4. Order Additional Score Reports (ASRs)

There are three means through which you can get your Score report – 1) online, 2) mail and 3)fax. If the scores have been reported by ETS then within 5-10 working days you’ll receive your score report. If the number of days have increased more than mentioned and you still have not received your score reports, then you can post an order for additional score reports. ASRs (Additional Score Reports) can be ordered for a fee of US$27 per score recipient. And once you have placed an order then you will not be able to cancel the same.

5. Retrieve the free GRE Diagnostic Service

This free service provides in-depth reviews of your performance on the test questions which you have attempted from the Verbal and Quant sections. Your scores are available for 15 days from the date on which you have attempted the test. You can also avail this service up-to six months.

6. Get test preparation materials

After the registration, you’ll be able to download the test preparation materials from the official POWERPREP II software.

7. Text Notification

Choose to receive important notifications concerning your GRE test and scores through text messages in addition to email. You can get your GRE scores in the form of a text message or through email.

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