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Summary of The Lost Child

Chapter 1 of the Class 9 English Supplementary Reader – Moments, consists of a prose – The Lost Child which is a story about a young boy who visits a spring fair with his parents. As he explores the fair, he soon gets lost in the midst of people. Want to know what happens next? Class 9 students can read the prose summary of CBSE Class 9 English Prose Notes – The Lost Child in CBSE English Notes Class 9 format here to find out what happens to the child. We hope this summary will help students to get a brief understanding of the chapter and refer to it while revising for their exams.

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CBSE Class 9 English The Lost Child Summary

The Lost Child is an interesting story written by Mulk Raj Anand. In this story, a child visits a spring fair with his parents. The place was crowded with people and there were different kinds of stalls set up in the fair. The child was overjoyed when he saw the toys in the shops and pleaded to his parents to buy him a toy. But his father gave him a stern look upon hearing his request. Meanwhile, his mother asked him to see the mustard field which looked like a field of gold. A group of dragon-flies were fluttering their colourful wings over the mustard flowers. The child tried catching one of those colourful insects, but as his mother called him to the footpath and he ran towards his parents gaily. He heard the cooing of doves and picked up some petals in the grove. But again as his parents called him, he made his way towards them while he was running around the banyan tree.

When the child reached the fair with his parents, he saw a sweetmeat seller calling out ‘gulab-jaman, rasagulla, burfi, jalebi’. His mouth watered seeing the tasty sweets and he asked his father to buy him a sweet. But no one paid heed to his request. As he went ahead with his parents, he heard a flower-seller selling ‘A garland of gulmohur’. He saw the basket of flowers and wanted to buy a garland. However, he knew his parents would not buy him the flowers, so he moved on with them. Then, he noticed a balloon-man selling rainbow colour balloons. He wanted to buy those balloons but he knew that his parents would refuse, considering he was comparatively older to play with those colourful balloons. Hence, he walked past the balloon-man with his parents.

As he moved forward, the child noticed a snake-charmer who was playing a flute to a snake coiled in a basket. He went closer to the snake-charmer, but he knew his parents wouldn’t approve of his listening to such coarse music. So, he walked further and saw a merry-go-round. He observed that many people were enjoying the ride and called out to his parents that he wanted to take a ride. But there was no reply from them. When he turned around, he couldn’t find his parents nearby. The child desperately looked out for his parents, but they were nowhere to be found. He understood that he was lost so he started sobbing.

The child gave out a loud deep cry and tears started rolling down his eyes as he searched for his parents everywhere. He cried loudly and ran to and fro, but he couldn’t find his parents anywhere. The place was very crowded and he ran to the shrine if he could find them there. Unfortunately, he was lost and as he was little, he went ahead crossing many people who were huge in size there.

Suddenly, a man heard his cry and lifted him up in his arms. The child was fortunate that he was picked up by an affectionate man. The kind man asked him about his parents, but the child replied sobbingly not knowing their whereabouts. The man tried to pacify the child and asked him if he would like to take a ride on the merry-go-round. But the child replied that he wanted his parents only. Soon, the man took the child to the balloon-man, sweet shop and flower-seller and asked if he would like to buy any of those, but the young boy refused. He was adamant that he wanted nothing, but his parents. The child turned his face away from all those things which he wanted to buy earlier. Thus, the child only shouted, ‘I want my mother, I want my father!’

Conclusion of The Lost Child

The chapter – The Lost Child illustrates the lesson to students that children love their parents unconditionally. Although parents rebuke their children sometimes for their good, children always want their parents around them and feel lost in their absence. Here, we brought you the CBSE Class 9 English Moments Prose Summary of The Lost Child that will help 9th standard students to get a complete insight of the chapter.

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Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 9 English: The Lost Child

Who is the author of ‘The Lost Child’?

The Lost Child is an interesting story written by Mulk Raj Anand.

What is the importance of a parent in a child’s life?

Children look up to their parents and consider them as their role models. They also follow and imitate their parents from a very young age. So it necessary for parents to treat the right things to children.

What is a ‘gulmohur’?

Gulmohur is a tree with scarlet or orange flowers and feathery pinnate leaves. It is of Madagascaran decent.

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