Structural Organisation In Animals Class 11 Notes


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a Board of Education for private as well as public schools under the Union Government of India. Lakhs of students appear for CBSE school examination every year. Students can see the cumulative pattern in different classes such as the course for class 8th is repeated in class 10th, but they see a drastic change in the syllabus for class 11. Class 11th is considered to be one of the toughest class where students need to pay more attention to their studies. Here students are introduced with the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

Here, we have provided the notes of different subjects for the students of class 11th which are prime important for their examination point of view. One such topic is Structural Organisation in Animals, which students find very complicated and confusing. Thus in order to clear their doubts and make them understand things in an easy manner, along with notes, we also provide NCERT solution and some important questions which are prime important from their examination perspective. Students can follow the link given below to excel in the subject of Biology for class 11th.

NCERT solution for class 11th Structural Organisation in Animal

Important Question for class 11th Structural Organisation in Animal


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A system which exchanges both matter & energy with the surrounding is called a closed system.